Workshops and Trainings

SimTech offers both standard courses and customized trainings to meet individual customer needs. Attending our trainings is a very efficient way to quickly become familiar and productive with our products.

Standard training courses are open courses and are offered on a regular basis.

Customized training is arranged according to a client's specifications and is available upon request.

The training that we provide is a mix of presentations and exercises that makes sure that each topic is both explained and practiced. Our trainers work with the software on daily basis, both in product development and consulting.

Standard IPSE Courses

Standard training courses are open courses and are offered on a regular basis. Check the Standard IPSEpro Course Schedule for more details about the course. IPSEpro standard training courses are designed to make participants quickly familiar and productive with IPSEpro. The courses are combined presentations with hands-on exercises. The courses are held by experienced trainers who are working with IPSEpro on a daily basis. By the end of the course participants will be able to use IPSEpro to set up simple and sophisticated plant models and to create component models.


To register for an IPSEpro Training Course, download the Course Registration Form for Adobe Acrobat Reader and for other PDF viewers (If you use Adobe Acrobat Reader you can fill in your data directly). Fill it in and send a scanned copy to SimTech via E-mail. Information about course fees is also available on the registration form. Please return the registration form as early as possible, but at least two weeks before the starting date of the respective training course. Space is limited and will be reserved on a first come, first served basis.

Computer pre-requisites

Participants have to bring their own computers, SimTech provides all IPSEpro licenses that are required during the course. In order to install the required IPSEpro licenses it is essential that the participant has administrator rights for his computer.


If a registered customer is unable to participate, he/she may send somebody else to attend the course under the same registration without extra costs.

If a registered customer cancels his/her participation up to 3 weeks before the starting date of the respective course, SimTech will charge a fee of 10% upon the total course fee. Cancellations received later than 3 weeks before the starting date of the course can not be refunded.

SimTech reserves the right to make changes to the course schedule without notice.

Customized IPSEpro Training

SimTech offers custom training if standard courses do not match the requirements of a client. There are several reasons why you may opt for a custom IPSEpro training:

  • You prefer an in-house training because for a larger number of participants it is more economic
  • You want the training to address special issues which are of particular relevance for your organization more in depth than a standard training
  • You want the privacy of a closed session