Frigo_Lib: Refrigeration Process Library

The Refrigeration Process Library (Frigo_Lib) is a model library that enables its users to model a wide range of refrigeration, cooling and heat pump processes.

The Refrigeration Process Library allows you to design and analyze:

  • Absorption refrigeration processes
  • Vapor compression processes

It also allows to include secondary refrigerant systems into the process models.


The library contains models for both design and off-design analysis.

For vapor compression systems, physical properties are calculated using REFPROP, the Reference Fluid Thermodynamic and Transport Properties Database of NIST (U.S. National Institute of Standard and Technology).

Aqueous solutions with a range of additives are available as secondary refrigerants.

The Refrigeration Process Library can be used in combination with the following IPSEpro libraries:

  • Advanced Power Plant Library (APP_Lib)
  • Gas Turbine Library (GT_Lib)

This makes it possible to investigate gas turbine driven (absorption) chilling systems and complete trigeneration systems.

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APP_Lib: Advanced Power Plant Library for modeling of a wide range of thermal power systems