GT_Lib: Gas Turbines Library

The Gas Turbine Library for IPSEpro (GT_Lib) has been designed to allow project engineers to conveniently evaluate the performance of specific gas turbines in combined cycle plants. It contains predefined models of commercially available gas turbines that you can immediately use in your Power Systems projects.

GT_Lib contains predefined models of popular commercialized gas turbines that can be used together with the Advanced Power Plant Library (APP_Lib).

You can use the Gas Turbine Library in combination with other standard libraries for IPSEpro. You may want to use the Gas Turbine Library together with the following standard libraries:

  • Advanced Power Plant Library (APP_Lib)
  • Refrigeration Process Library (Frigo_Lib)
  • Desalination Process Library (Desal_Lib)

You can also use the Gas Turbine Library together with custom libraries that you have developed using IPSEpro-MDK.

Each gas turbine is represented by data that is structured in the same way as the data that is typically available from suppliers. The performance is characterized by several tables and parameters. Using tables rather than physically comprehensive models makes it considerably easier for the user to update the built-in data with values that are guaranteed by the respective suppliers. To use a gas turbine model from the Gas Turbine Library, you place the gas turbine icon on your process scheme and select the appropriate gas turbine model.

Since the performance of gas turbines depends on many outside influences like environment temperature, altitude etc., the models in the Gas Turbine Library also reproduce these dependencies.

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