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SimTech is a company that provides state-of-the art tools for the analysis and optimization of process systems. Through the development of IPSEpro, a powerful process simulation package, SimTech is able to offer tools and services for a wide range of process systems. IPSEpro is a highly flexible software solution that is efficiently applied to analyze and optimize processes in energy engineering, chemical engineering and many related areas.

SimTech's clients include: Plant and Component Manufacturers; Plant Operators; Service Contractors; Consulting Companies; Research Institutions and Universities.

Company History


SimTech celebrates 30 Years in Business!

Since its foundation in 1991, SimTech has been consistently adapting and improving to maintain and advance industry standards. SimTech's ongoing dedication and commitment to engineered solutions helped to exceed the expectations for simulation software!



Service Group

Since 2001 SimTech's Service Group has been delivering solutions for clients with the need for specialized proprietary solutions. SimTech's Service and Consultancy Team, composed of highly qualified professionals both in computer science and in the modeling application areas, efficiently provides comprehensive support and training, based on the experience with development and application of simulation tools.


Online Optimization

In 2000 SimTech installed the first on-line optimization system based on IPSEpro within a Plant Operator facility. This was the first step towards extending the focus of IPSEpro to the entire lifecycle of plants. In the following years SimTech has expanded its activities to on-line monitoring, data validation, economic plant analysis and optimization solutions based on IPSEpro. 



Release of IPSEpro

In 1996 SimTech introduced a much more flexible software solution in the market: the modeling package IPSEpro. Unlike traditional heat balance systems, IPSEpro is a completely open modeling environment that allows you to define your own component models. In 1997 IPSE was merged with IPSEpro, making IPSEpro SimTech’s key process simulation product.


First Comerical Release

In 1992 SimTech started its commercial release of the heat balance code IPSE. IPSE made it possible to create process models graphically by choosing components from a menu. IPSE was the first and for several years the only Microsoft Windows based heat balance code commercially available. 




SimTech was founded in 1991 with the goal to develop and market a state of the art heat balance software for the power industry. As a spin-off from the Institute for Thermal Turbomachinery and Machine Dynamics of Graz University of Technology, since the beginning SimTech's work was based on several years of experience in research and development in the areas of modeling and analysis of power processes.

State of the Art Technology

SimTech is very proud of its Team's expertise, which embeds a unique combination of skills in power, chemical, mechanical and software engineering. For many years now a growing number of industrial clients relies on SimTech's consolidated working philosophy, which aggregates a solid understanding of its clients’ engineering and technical needs with profound experience in software development and information technology.