IPSEpro 7 is available

SimTech is happy to announce the release of version 7 of IPSEpro. IPSEpro 7 comes with a series of new features as well as with a new module for dynamic simulations, PSDynamics.

IPSEpro 7 T-s Diagram

Chart Plotting

With IPSEpro 7 a new chart plotting capability allows users to generate charts based on data of their process models directly inside PSE and without resorting to any external tool.

Standard libraries are updated with predefined charts so that they can generated instantaneously.

Using IPSEpro's model development kit MDK chart types can be predefined so that chart plotting can also be used with proprietary libraries.

IPSEpro 7 Possible Settings


Settings Analysis

With IPSEpro 7, choosing the correct setting becomes much easier: A new setting analysis identifies valid settings and guides the user to choose the appropriate settings.

If a process model is underspecified, the setting analysis identifies possible settings and displays them in the flowsheet. Possible settings are also clearly marked in the dialog for entering data.

If the process model is overspecified, the setting analysis identifies any existing conflicts and displays them in the PSE flowsheet. Conflicts are also clearly marked in the dialog for entering data.

The setting analysis does not require any other information than the one that is already available in the model library. Users that upgrade their proprietary model library to IPSEpro 7 will immediately benefit from this new feature.


Dynamic Simulation

With the new module PSDynamics it is possible to simulate a wide range of dynamic models.

Mathematically dynamic process are represented by a mixed system of differential and algebraic equations. PSDynamics adds all the functionality that is required to describe a dynamic process and to solve the model. At the core of PSDynamics is a powerful and robust solver that solves the model equations fast and efficiently. This is complemented with functionality for entering external influences over time and for conveniently displaying simulation results.

But new developments don't stop there: Improvements can be found virtually everywhere in IPSEpro.

IPSEpro 7 is available immediately.

To get more information about IPSEpro

If you need more information about IPSEpro, if you have questions about IPSEpro or if you are interested in a test installation contact us directly or one of our sales contacts. We will be happy to support you.